[K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020 Demo Day 1st Day] Opening & Pitch 1 Session


K-Startup Grand Challenge is a startup inbound program organized and financed by the Korean government. For the last 3 months, 55 participating international startups have been in acceleration program in Pangyo Startup Campus, preparing their business into the Korean market.

▶Purpose of the Event
“The purpose of this event is to select 30 final teams through Demo Day event. The final 30 teams will receive settlement support to continue their business in Korea. Also, the top 5 teams will receive grant for their success.”

▶Event Summary
○ Date : ’Nov.17~18, 2020′ (11 am~ 4:30 pm), ’Nov.19, 2020′ (1 pm~4:30 pm)
’Nov.19, 2020 (7 pm~7:30 pm) * The schedule is subject to change.
○ Place : Chungdam CGV, 3F Mcube (Near Apgujung Rodeo Station)
○ Contents : (Nov.17~19) Pitch event for 55 global startups in Korea
(Nov.19) Award ceremony
○ Participants : Personnel from Ministry of SMEs and Startup/National IT Industry Promotion Agency, 55 participating startups and accelerators
○ Channel :
(Nov.17-18) Come-Up Youtube Live (https://www.youtube.com/c/KStartupWeekComeUp)
(Nov.19) KSGC Facebook Live(https://www.facebook.com/kstartupgc)