[Play with SEOUL] Come hang out in Seoul with Norazo!


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The Play with Seoul music video, featuring Norazo and Ghost9, aims at capturing the colorful allure of Seoul in a fun and exciting way, from shopping and food to fashion and more, in the Special Tourist Zones located around the city, including Myeongdong, Itaewon, Dongdaemun, Gangnam, Jongno Cheonggye, and Jamsil.

Filming Locations: Myeongdong Theater, TopTen (Second branch in Myeongdong), Nature Republic (Myeongdong World branch), Seoullo7017, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), COEX, Lotte World Tower, Seokchon Lake, Cheonggyecheon Stream, LU42

Content Sources: [02:42] (Seoul Museum of History – Cheonggyecheon Museum) New landscape near the Cheonggyecheon Stream

Produced by Seoul Metropolitan Government & Seoul Tourism Organization

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