MIPTV 2011 – Activers Ent – What’sUp, Pianissimo and more


Activers entertainment presents a series of spectacular Korean TV series, some to be broadcasted, and some already received successful responses from the viewers, including ‘Whats’ Up’, ‘Pianissimo’, ‘On the Pitch’, ‘The Friends’, ‘Police Line’, and ‘Professional Mr. Baek’.

‘What’s Up’ is a story of a group of first year students in Musical Dept. at Hanwool College. Daesung, a member of Idol boy group Big Bang, features in the show as a student with talent, as well as passion for musical.

‘Pianissimo’ is an omnibus romance action drama casting a number of ex- and current-idol & singer actor/actresses including HyunJoong Kim, KyuJong Kim, and JongMin Park from SS501, HoYoung Son from GOD, HeeJoon Moon from H.O.T., EunJin Shim and EEjI Kim from Baby Vox, SangHyuk Kim from Click B, JiYoung Seo from Sharp, Tei, SongJin Lee (NRG), JaeMo Ahn, SeulKi Bae, and KyuRee Nam..