MIPTV 2011 – Vooz Club Co. – Canimals


The 2nd most popular property in MIP Junior 2009.
Winner — Best Kids 7-10 Kid’s Jury
Nominee — Licensing Challenge

The word “CANIMALS” is created by combining the words “Can” and “Animals”.
By taking two familiar objects and combining them together we have created something new, unique and then filled them with personality.

Canimals pop out of vending machines to play and created mess in our world as a sort of urban pixies. All CANIMALS are cute, curious, mischievous and playful… while still having their own distinctive differences, preferences, tics, maniacs, and reactions to the same information. CANIMALS explored and enjoy our world from their very unique point of view. Each day, each minute in the most common places or with the most normal objects suddenly can become brand new!

In the classroom desk, between books in the library, behind the toaster, or even under your own bed… CANIMALS appear when you’re not there!

2011/ Cute Situational Slapstick Comedy /52eos x 7min /