MIPTV 2011 – Synergy Media – I Kooo


Thrown out of Pea Planet, young prince named I-KOOO and his trusted butler B.B. begin their life on planet Earth. These two aliens not only lack the knowledge of life on Earth but, pride I-KOOO tries to adapt to this new environment relying only on information provided by his trusted butler. But he does not realize that B.B. is just as inexperienced as prince himself.

Fortunately, with the help of a girl named REMY, their story of adaptation seems to go without trouble until the appearance of evil named COUNT CARMEN. COUT CARMET threatens I-KOOO and friends in every opportunity that he can possibly find, disguising them into a variety of dangers which children may encounter in daily basis. How would our heroes be able to face and overcome the dangers? This series provides reminders of dangerous situation which may occur to children in daily basis, that adults may be overlooked through the eyes of alien children while offering the appropriate measures, raising the safety awareness with a touch of comedy.

2011 / Edutainment / 52eps x 11min