2021 Data Journalism Korea Conference & Awards


2021 Data Journalism Korea Conference

[Program] Opening Remarks & Welcoming Remarks
Opening Remarks: Hyejin Kwon, Yongsuk Hwang, Co-chair, Data Journalism Korea Conference
Welcoming Remarks: Bong Gun Jeong, Executive Director, News Circulation Business, Korea Press Foundation

Keynote Lecture
The Future of Data Journalism, KyuYoun Lee (CEO, JTBC)
Making Visual Stories About Elections, Haeyoun Park, (Deputy Editor, Graphics at The New York Times) → The video was not open to public at the request of the speaker.

Part 1. Election and Data Journalism
Part 1-1: When Journalism Meets Academia : Pooling the Polls, Seulgi Jang (Data Journalist, MBC Project News), Jong Hee Park (Department of Political Science and International Relations Seoul National Univ.)
Part 1-2: Case of Election Report: Analysis of Voting Propensity by Voting District, Da-hye Yeon (Data Journalist, Newstapa Data Team )

Part 2. Tech & Method of Data Journalism
Part 2-1: Analysis and Utilization of News Data – Focusing on Speech and Speaker, Jae Sun Joo (CEO, Speechlog Co., Ltd)
Part 2-2: Data Journalism and Interactive Planning, Inhai Park (Journalist, Hankookilbo MediaPlatform Team)
Part 2-3: Review of 5 Years Experimenting Interactive News (Focusing on Web Technique and Collaboration), Yujin Kim (Journalist, KyungHyangShinMun Data Journalism Team)
Part 2-4: Newsletter from the Data Journalism Team, Hyemin An (Data Journalist, SBS)

Part 3. Data Journalism Coverage Cases
Part 3-1. Presidential Candidates Analyzed with Big Data, Han-Bit Lee (Journalist, Joongbooilbo Digital News Department )
Part 3-2. Gender Data Blank, Yoon Ah Choi (Journalist, Hankyoreh Media Gender Team, Department of Special Contents)

Part 3-3: KDJA Award-Winning Work 1 – Land of the Extinct, Hyung Gwan Lee (Journalist, KBS Changwon)
Part 3-4: KDJA Award-Winning Work 2 – Beyond the Schoolzone, Jinkyung Byun (Journalist, SISAIN)
Part 3-5: KDJA Award-Winning Work 3 – Lobbying Strategies of Japan, Jaehyun Nam (Journalist, MBC Project News)

2021 Korea Data Journalism Awards
Verification Challenge for All, Ray Minseong Kim (Google News Lab Manager / Teaching Fellow)